Life update: We need your help

This were some busy months for us.

Having normal jobs and trying to build a successful blog is hard work, gurl. Sometimes it can be overwhelming; so many things to do, so many things to consider. It’s exhausting. But we really want to make this work. It’s something we are very passionate about. … More Life update: We need your help

Recipe: Sweet potato taco bowl

The other day, we were browsing for easy recipes. We wanted something simple, easy to put together, healthy – if possible – and found this recipe we had to try right away! We changed it a little bit to fit our taste but you can see the original recipe from My Kitchen Love here. That’s the great thing about cooking: you can change ingredients, play around, be creative and (still) end up with a delicious meal. … More Recipe: Sweet potato taco bowl

Together alone time

We wanted to talk about something we do as a couple, that may inspire you and your relationship.
As we said in our Date ideas for May, we do this thing called “together alone time” were we spend time separately (doing our own thing) but still kind of together, near each other. You spend time together but at the same time alone. … More Together alone time

DIY: heart card

Time for another DIY!
Our heart card is so simple to make – and adds that little “something” to every present. Its minimalistic design is perfect for different occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just for a cute everyday note! … More DIY: heart card